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AnnonymousMarch 18, 2024

Catch Me If You Can ft. Digital Scams & DS Authenticate

If Frank Abagnale Jr., the character of Catch Me If You Can tried to commit fraud today with the same skills, he would cost banks a lot of money. But, thanks to Data Sutram's DS Authenticate banks don't have to worry about it! ...

AnnonymousJanuary 24, 2024

What is Mobile Advertising ID or MAID and how can it help Collection teams?

Mobile Advertising ID or MAID is used by marketers or advertisers to show personalized ads to users. Is MAID used only for advertising or can it also help the banking and financial sector? Let's find out!...

AnnonymousJanuary 19, 2024

A financial institution decided to open its next 2000 branches using DS Markets - Why?

How can banks and financial institutions sharpen their branch opening process? It's easy, DS Markets can give you the solution in seconds. ...

AnnonymousJuly 28, 2023

Can data change the game for on-ground branding activities this festive season?

Brands are always competing to capture their customers' attention, especially during the festive season. What can help brands to stand out and make a difference this season?...

AnnonymousJuly 18, 2023

Leader Board Story - Tracking your field sales agents' performance is now efficient and easy!

Vikram, the branch manager of Motak Bank - Parel was struggling to increase his conversions and keep track of how his sales team was performing. Then he found DS Find, one application that gives him an efficient fix. ...

AnnonymousJuly 12, 2023

How can banks take their fraud prevention game to the next level?

Today, fraud is one of the biggest challenges that banks and financial institutions face. To prevent frauds, banks can leverage newer technologies to know more about their customers. ...

AnnonymousJuly 10, 2023

Quality Leads, Quantity Leads, or Striking a Balance? What is Important?

Businesses usually face the problem of choosing between going after quality leads or quantity leads. Let's understand the whole scenario. ...

AnnonymousMay 24, 2023

Unleashing Technological Marvels: Inside the Cutting-Edge Technology Investments of Indian Banks

We asked ChatGPT about the technological spend of banks and here's what it has to say!...

AnnonymousMay 11, 2023

Top five ways that would make you a better field sales agent

Every field sales agent strives to always perform better. These 5 ways can help them perform exceptionally well in their sales journey....

AnnonymousFebruary 28, 2023

Unified Payments Interface (UPI): How is UPI transforming the way people are transacting?

UPI or Unified Payments Interface has witnessed exponential growth over the last few years and these UPI facts are definitely going to blow your mind. ...

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