Audience Match: A data-driven Geotargeting system

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Inan overpopulated country like India, supply is usually not sufficient to meet the demand in many places. But more often than not, the problem lies with the allocation of resources rather than a simple shortage of stock. With the power of Location Intelligence, Data Sutram now offers a simple solution to critically analyze demand patterns, reach out to target market and plan resource supplies accordingly.

Case Study: Pharmaceuticals


To understand the situation in an area, we first study the layout of all pharmacies tending to the geography, and map it out with population demographics and market spread in a zone-wise manner. Considering an estimated threshold per outlet, we can identify the demand gaps suffered by each zone from low to high.

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zone-wise demand map

Closing In

In the next step, we dive deeper into a zone and closely look at the scenario right down to each and every 100×100 metre grid of the area.

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grid-wise data

For pharmaceutical needs, people generally reach out to stores within a few hundred meters of their houses. As per localised population distribution, each pharmacy outlet hence serves a maximum of X number of people residing in its vicinity. Considering Affluence level, Accessibility and static demographics, we can thus estimate demand faced by each and every such grid.

Targeted Outreach

Such Demand Hotspots help focus on specific areas that are facing crisis instead of just a broader perspective, which is usually inaccurate. A neighbourhood might have more hyperlocal high-demand points, even though it falls in a low-demand zone at a macro level.

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zone to granular visualization

Our data channels can then provide information on societies in and around such hotspots, and sort them as per need, for the marketing team of a company to reach out to. This facilitates direct B2C consumer-supplier interaction and distribution planning accordingly.

In a B2B perspective, the system can identify businesses (e.g. pharmacies) functioning in high demand areas and not being able to meet the crunch gap. The company can plan new warehouses or outlets, or indulge in location-based cross selling distribution and restructure resource allocation towards all points.


Thus the interactive visual system can help organizations recognize hotspots and seamlessly reach out to micro-targets while tracking growing orders and supplies, all in one go.

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platform instance

Furthermore, integration with the e-commerce ERP can be followed by an automated intelligent alert system, to stay connected to such societies or businesses and tend to their needs dynamically. Our solution intends to cut down marketing and outreach expenses by at least 50%, and increase localised targeted outreach by 5 times, resulting in a steep increase in efficiency in faster resource management and operational logistics. Avoiding misallocation and bridging the supply demand gap, we can thus solve any Location Planning and Asset Utilization problems accurately, by recognizing Micro targets and taking data-driven actions.

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