Understanding the platform

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BFSI Sector

BFSI Sector

Financial Services, SME Lending, Insurance are dependant on consumer spending capacity & life quality index of a location in order to determine the volume of business that can be achieved. Location-insight helps the players in the sector to mobilise their resources as per demand to increase their market share.

  • SME Lending - Default Risk Analysis
  • Life Insurance - Hyperlocal Marketing
  • Banks - Branch Consolidation & Customer Acquisition
Healthcare & Pharma

Healthcare & Pharma

Location impacts quality of life & behavioural traits of people thereby affecting their health. Location insight Identifies supply-demand gaps and helps the sector meet them to cater to the needs of the people.

  • Product Mix - Demand Prediction
  • Mapping Medical Resources
  • Sales Territory Management
Retail Sector

Retail Sector

The Retail Mantra has always been "Location, Location & Location". Especially in today's world of omni-channel retail, the only hope of survival is to run a business driven by location intelligence.

  • Intelligent Site Selection - Stores & Dark Stores
  • Hyperlocal Marketing - Increase Customer Acquisition
  • Fleet Management & Route Optimization

Clients who trust us for leveraging location insights

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